the bridge

you are now invited to participate in the co-creation of new earth. this is a collective heart mapping, future story-telling project to envision and evolve into a more loving, peaceful world. Each unique voice is essential to the communal whole. Please bring forth your highest vision for our planet’s peaceful evolution.

envision the ecosystem of your life. everyone & everything that you care for. gather all of the emerging ideas & visions that have yet to be made manifest on the physical plane, and map the territory of your heart/mind. ground this vision in your mind’s eye. breathe in deeply as you visualize this space. on a large piece of paper, lay it all out as a constellation, and draw lines in between elements to understand how they intersect and relate to one another. there is no rush, time is limitless here. all together, from our many perspectives, we map the myriad paths that will carry us towards peace. witness and observe where these items intersect and draw lines linking them to each other. notice the common threads, the overlapping regions. when the process feels complete, look upon your map with love and witness your emotional body as you do. which parts illuminate your spirit and light you up? which moments activate your excitement and joy? close your eyes, and imagine a world more loving, more peaceful, more joyful, more free. how does this new reality feel? take a deep breath and allow this feeling to take hold in your body. let it wash over you, gently, gently. now, let your words flow onto the page, writing the story of this new world into existence, without limits, without fear, in total trust, in total freedom. write this story in the present tense, as if this world already existed, as if she were already here. focus on the feeling, over the material, exploring the energy contained in this space of potent possibility. let this paper be a portal for your radical imagination to come through you and into these earthly realms. cultivate a belief in the impossible. all together, we co‐create the story of the future/present, unfolding abundantly with ease, into the highest potential outcomes, buidling the bridge between heaven and earth. as we each discover our essential role to play in this process, we find within us a seed, a perfectly aligned purpose, that is ours and ours alone to fulfill. from stillness, we hear the call. we envision the entire cosmos healed, healthy, whole, and a total transformation into collective liberation. imagine this world. feel yourself living in it. tell the story of who we are becoming, from your unique vantage point, beyond your wildest dreams. describe the feeling of being there, in the present tense, as if it was already happening, as if it was right here, right now. and so we blossom gently into the infinite garden. through tenderness & loving stewardship, the entire ecology becomes aware of itself as a mycelial network, fundamentally interconnected, seeing our own wellness as interdependent with all aspects of the whole. the time has come to reimagine society away from profit motives & towards a culture of collective care so that we may fulfill our mission here. and so it is : and so we begin : and so we remember : i know who i am and what i came here to do.

aural guidance

Please share your maps and stories to the email below for inclusion in the public archive. To share images and/or an audio recording of your submission, share a link below or please email documentation to bridge @